RDAbbott has extensive design and development capabilities with an unmatched technical team.

We are ISO 9001:2015 accredited with the unique distinction of Design and Development Laboratory Services.

Our primary goal with every design project is to help you determine the most economical fabrication method; the best application fit; the functional properties necessary to meet your specifications and testing requirements; and to provide the final formulation details and mixing procedures.

This goal is accomplished through a collaborative and innovative venture between your team, our technical team, and our supplier partners with the utmost confidentiality to protect your proprietary information.

From advanced chemorheology to lightweighting silicone, we continue to bridge the technical gap between our polymer suppliers and customers by offering comprehensive lab services.

Here are some of our specialties:

  • Compound development and optimization
  • Application engineering in polymer/compound selection
  • Mixing for scale-up work (rubber compounding for sample batches to scale-up quantities)
  • Expert technical service in elastomeric (part) designs and applications
  • Dynamic mechanical analysis of rubber materials
  • Raw material characterization
  • Bond failure analysis and troubleshooting

And here are a few examples of our technical innovations:


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